Aggressive Advocacy For California Real Estate Professionals Facing Investigations

If you are a California real estate professional whose license is at risk during a Department of Real Estate investigation, please know that the DRE will carefully examine your books to ensure that your record keeping is accurate, and your loan practices are appropriate.

The DRE will also be looking for misconduct such as a violation of its Business and Professions Code, such as mishandling of money, forgery or breach of fiduciary duty.

During this inquiry into your business, you need aggressive advocacy on your side that protects your rights — quality legal services that Century Law Group LLP’s DRE defense attorneys offer every day throughout the state.

Our lawyers bring decades of combined experience, deep knowledge of license defense law and strategies, a recognized track record of success and direct personal service throughout the process.

Century Law Group LLP — When Your License And Livelihood Are At Stake In Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California And Statewide

DRE investigators and auditors have taken a tough position with regulatory measures in recent years — a posture that could lead to the loss of your license or even prosecution and criminal penalties.

But here’s the good news: Our experienced trial lawyers are equally tough as advocates for your defense. We can advise you on a number of issues in regard to your license, including:

Even as you read this, our skilled DRE real estate agent license defense law firm is standing by to help you make informed decisions, protect your real estate license against restriction or revocation, and employ effective DRE defense methods against the prosecution in disciplinary hearings.

Contact Century Law Group LLP to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the legal implications of any DRE investigation or complaints from your clients. We are available for evening, weekend and off-site appointments upon request.