Attorney disbarment: challenges and opportunity for readmission

Attorney disbarment: challenges and opportunity for readmission

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Ethics & Professional Responsibility

A legal commentator who serves as a professor and ethics counsel at one American law school states that the legal sphere is ultimately “a forgiving profession.”

Not always, though. That individual’s comment relevant to disbarred lawyers seeking restoration of their licenses and readmission to practice is provided in tandem with evidence that disbarment is frequently a career-ending outcome to a formal disciplinary proceeding.

Disbarment is of course a comparatively rare response from a state’s attorney-regulating authority concerning alleged misconduct. Lawyers appearing before the State Bar of California far more often receive punishment ranging from imposed probationary conditions and temporary license suspensions to fines, retesting requirements and other sanctions. Disbarment is notably a heavy hammer, with potentially severe personal and professional consequences.

Understandably, a California attorney facing disbarment or who is already in that status and seeking practice reinstatement can benefit from the timely and proven legal counsel of an established license-defense legal team. The stakes for a challenged attorney are flatly high. On-point and results-oriented input from experienced attorneys with a demonstrated record of client advocacy in disciplinary matters can make all the difference to a client, especially one facing disbarment or post-disbarment license restoration.

A focused license-defense team will focus upon and diligently address a broad sphere of considerations. As an American Bar Association Journal piece on attorney disbarment and reinstatement notes, advocates can help a client demonstrate “the moral qualifications, competency and up-to-date legal training necessary for reinstatement.”

Disbarment – either threatened or realized – is obviously an uppercase concern for any challenged lawyer.

Yet adverse and permanently negative consequences are far from automatic. Empathetic and seasoned attorneys from an experienced license-defense law firm can provide further information.