Should an alleged drug or alcohol problem imperil a professional career?

Should an alleged drug or alcohol problem imperil a professional career?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Licensed California professionals employing their passions and talents across myriad occupational spheres routinely seek optimal outcomes for those who rely upon their special skills. Patients need treatment and cures. Best-case legal results must be secured. Buyers and sellers of residential property must be protected. Individuals and families seek sound financial advice.

You might well be one of those specially credentialed individuals. If so, you obviously worked hard to satisfy the many and demanding exactions that served as challenges en route to your professional accreditation. Now you use your specialized training and knowledge to help people with diverse needs.

Sometimes you need to help yourself, as well.

That is patently true at least for the legions of California professional license holders who face challenges from hearing boards and disciplinary panels. Those regulatory bodies routinely subject licensees to close scrutiny based on alleged malpractice or other misconduct.

One particular spotlight that is both strong and persistent focuses on accusations of problematic alcohol and/or drug use. Candidly, many professional careers in California are threatened or derailed following allegations that a license holder’s performance is undermined by a substance problem.

Facing such a challenge alone and largely uninformed can be a flatly intimidating prospect. The downsides can be stark, including potential license suspension or revocation.

An ordeal marked by close board questioning and scrutiny doesn’t have to be faced alone. Proven attorneys from an established California license-defense law firm can diligently represent a licensee in an investigation or disciplinary matter. Their advocacy can extend from representation at an initial hearing through petitions for reinstatement and vigorous appellate support.

California professionals work hard to secure coveted licenses and certifications. They can take proactive and meaningful action to safeguard them when they are threatened.