Opinion: California licensing reform an urgent imperative

Opinion: California licensing reform an urgent imperative

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Slap a licensing requirement on it.

Arguably, that is the preferred go-to stance of California regulators with oversight of the state’s vast and varied occupational sphere.

What government overseers unquestionably have a penchant for doing is to saddle ever-more working individuals across the state with license-linked exactions that serve as a prerequisite to their earning a living.

The editorial board of one California publication recently spotlighted the topic of occupational licensing in a piece that leaves little doubt as to its collective thinking.

The board’s bottom-line view is this: Regulators are simply too trigger-happy when it comes to slapping rigorous and steadily accumulating licensing mandates on scores of professions operative across California.

In fact, stresses the board, the licensing scheme in the state is flatly flawed and at a frenzied level that is broadly harmful and without notable benefits. Reams of licensing rules and regulations “do more to stifle innovation and economic activity than anything else.”

There is ample evidence pointing to state regulators’ comparative zeal in imposing expanding licensing duties on state workers. The Daily Breeze editorial board underscores that California’s bureaucracy places mandates on “many jobs few other states bother to license, while also setting higher bars for entry than other states do”.

Empirical findings suggest that such an approach harms rather than helps individuals’ career paths and the state’s economy. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in California owing to extensive licensing requirements.

License holders who managed to secure hard-earned occupational credentials harbor a continuing concern following licensure. Namely, that is their continued good standing to practice their livelihood. State agencies take an exacting approach with California professionals, with it not being uncommon for many of those individuals to be summoned before administrative boards in disciplinary matters.

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